Albuquerque Car Wash, Emissions Testing

For all your Albuquerque car wash needs, visit our Rio Rancho location or one of our 4 Albuquerque locations. We offer an Express Car wash tunnel at both our Lomas and Eubank location and our Eagle Ranch and Paseo del Norte location plus self serve car wash bays, automatic drive-thru washes and emission testing at our other locations throughout Albuquerque.  Click here for our location page to view services offered and hours.

All of our facilities are run by a knowledgeable staff. We are environmentally friendly as we recycle and filter and reuse all of our wash water and carefully manage our power usage.

For your convenience prepaid cards, gift cards and fleet service packages are available. 

Ultimate Express Albuquerque Car Wash Reviews:

"Excellent-my car always looks great after getting washed. it is just a good as a full service car wash but much faster."
 Cheryl J.

"Very good-
Friendly service and great ultimate car wash." Arielle V.

"I can't believe my truck could get this clean from an automatic car wash...i went with the $15 option and have no regrets...took care of all the salt and cinder grime from the mountain snows this month" J.C.


Ultimate Express Car Wash
Love the convenience of a car wash tunnel but prefer to stay in your car? At our Ultimate Express Car Wash your vehicle travels along a conveyor while dirt, road grime and salts are removed from the exterior of your car by the best equipment the industry offers, using safe soaps and waxes, sparkle soft material, foam and high pressure in our state of the art tunnel.Choose the Ultimate Wash and enjoy the shine and protection of Simoniz Hot Wax and Shine or simply add it on to the Express or Deluxe Wash. Our fully automated, ride-thru process includes FREE unlimited self-vacuums! Save your water and your time, visit Ultimate Express Car Wash!

Ultimate Car Wash Self Serve
If you prefer the convenience of 24/7 access to a clean car, visit one of our Ultimate Car Wash locations where our self serve bays or automatic drive-thru washes use top of the line equipment and products. With our automatic wash,choose from touch free or friction wash.  Wherever you are in Albuquerque,there is a location close by!  

Emissions Testing
Ultimate Car Wash offers fast and easy Bernalillo county mandated emissions testing. With our well trained emission specialists and state of the art equipment,  we'll have you in and out quickly and efficiently. Check with locations,on prices, and car wash/emission discount packages.
Click here to see Emission Testing locations.






Charity Fundraising Car Wash Program

Raise money and conserve water

Ultimate Express Car Wash Charity Car Wash Program offers an effective fundraising option for your charity. Our Car Washes are better for the environment and protect the finish of your donors' cars.

The Benefits

  • Program runs year round, no need to worry about weather
  • Your fundraiser doesn't have to be limited to a day or weekend.
  • You can potentially raise more money with the same number of people.
  • Raise funds and protect the environment at the same time!

For more information email info@ultimatecarwashnm.com